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Going on an adventure trip or a long trip means you have the opportunity to explore things you do not normally do in your city. Many factors can make the destination exciting. Both destinations are adventurous in their way when you use luxury car hire. Therefore, it is not fair to classify them or compare them with others. However, participating in exciting activities and enjoying them to the best of your ability will give you an excellent and exciting experience that will last a lifetime.

The best adventure destinations in the world

1. Latvia, Europe

Latvia is a state with a small population located in the north-east of Europe in the Baltic Sea. Latvia has a lot to offer to adventure enthusiasts. Riga is the capital of Latvia, the most visited of its modern architecture and its well-protected historic district. Take a tour of the old town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where you can see the historic Townhall, the House of the Blackheads and other interesting things. The church of San Pedro is 800 years old and is built in stone. The church is famous for its gothic interior designs. The Gauja River offers a wide variety of water sports from canoeing to rafting and low-cost car rental.

2. Alaska

North America is known for its rich fishing experience in Alaska, where 50 percent of the fish consumed in Alaska are brought from Alaska. Kayaking through the canals of Alaska offers an incredible experience and will approach the beautiful natural surroundings. Alaska has a good network of trails that allow you to make a simple trip through the jungle or a solid trip along with a mountain that challenges the adventurers. Whales are the biggest reptile on our planet and are happy to create an image of Alaska. You can not imagine how exciting it is to take a picture with a large creature so that the tail fins are bigger than your car.

3. Iceland and Europe

Iceland is popular for whale watching. You can select up to 11 species of whales that come here every summer. A visit to the farm in Bjarnarhofn is a must for all adventurous enthusiasts with cheap hotel reservations online. The farm is the largest producer of Hakari, a traditional dish from Iceland. Burris offers a variety of exciting experiences that can make you come back to Westfjords again and again. The ship is beautifully designed, and the dishes on board will be one of the best you will find on your trip to Iceland. It also offers a variety of excursions such as multi-day kayaking, spring skiing and one-day guided walks.

4. Australian

The remote areas are called the country of sunburn. Take a scenic trip and explore the vast splendour of the rocky basilica of Wilpena Pound that rolls your feet, then see the legendary water basins in Flinders Ranges. Discover the unique desert landscape and the oasis of lakes around the so-called Silver City. Nowadays, Brooklyn Hill is no longer a mining city, but it is famous for its artists who are inspired by clear light and wide views.

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Last updated: March 6, 2019


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